“Mom, are you happy?”, my 15-year-old daughter asked me a few nights ago. This caught me by surprise.

“Why do you ask?” was my passively defensive response.

“I dunno…..(long pause) You’ve been binging shows and just sitting on the couch.”

And there it was. The reality of my last few weeks. Was I happy? She knew something about me wasn’t right. Since my Dad died in July my…

I rise and fall between uncertainty and sadness like a grossly figured balloon in front of a used car lot. One moment my face is stained hot with tears and then like cracked earth the tears are all dry. My emotions have become insomnia’s concubine as I am forced to…

Coming to terms with a lifelong witnessing of Asian Hate

“Medium is hosting a conversation about Asian hate and I was thinking of writing something. Do you think I can?” I ask my first-generation, Japanese-American husband for permission.

“Uh, probably not. Do they want Asian writers to contribute?” he asks.

Japanese New Year, Oshogatsu, is the most important holiday in Japan. It can be likened to Christmas celebrations when families come together from near and far to usher in the New Year. As a Japanese-American my husband has been ringing in the New Year Japanese style all his life. Oshogatsu…

Jeanette Miura

Writer, screenwriter, independent filmmaker. Creator of fieryliving.com. Lover of chocolate, coffee, a husband of 19 years, and 3 children.

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